Tech26™, offered exclusively by Dermatocor, refers to separation of the technical and professional components of dermatopathology. The “26” of Tech 26 refers to the modifier code for the billing of the professional component only, which you and your pathologist control.

The Program

  • We process the specimen, prepare the slides and deliver them to you.
  • You or your dermatopathologist interpret the slides and generate reports.
  • You bill the professional component.

Advantages of Tech26

  • No contract to sign.
  • No software to purchase — our WebDox online software makes it easy for you or your dermatopathologist to input information and generate reports.
  • Minimal start-up cost—no need to run a full laboratory.
  • Single-source laboratory for all laboratory needs.
  • Personalized requisition forms and shipping labels.
  • Free specimen shipping to Dermatocor
  • Free shipping of slides back to you.

All Supplies Are Supplied

  • Specimen bottles containing fixative
  • Biohazard bags
  • Boxes for mailing
  • Requisitions and diagnostic specimen mailing bag
  • Prepaid and preprinted overnight courier labels
  • Access to your reports online, 24-hours a day

Reports For Physicians

  • WebDox, our internet-based reporting system, makes it easy for you to input diagnoses and generate customized reports with your logo & signature.
  • High-resolution, color photomicrographs are displayed on the reports.
  • At a glance patient history diagrams indicate where on the body the specimen came from.
  • Dermatocor’s knowledgeable IT support staff is available to assist you and your dermatopathologist with any questions about WebDox.

How To Get Started With Tech26

Planning Ahead

  • * We provide a list of local board-certified dermatopathologists.
  • * We provide salary suggestions for your dermatopathologist.
  • We provide training in biopsy reporting (usually 2-3 days is sufficient).
  • Dermatocor’s premium full service is available to cover for your dermatopathologist’s vacation, sick time and other potential service gaps. By law, Dermatocor can’t participate as both the technical provider and as an employee.

Preparing Workspace

  • * Adjust malpractice coverage to include your dermatopathologist.
  • Assign desk space within your facility.
  • Purchase microscope, camera (if necessary), computer with Internet access and printer.
  • Dermatocor can recommend a source for a new or used microscope.
  • Dermatocor provides WebDox, our web-based reporting system.

* Does not apply if you read your own slides.